great tree swing at dollywood

8 Best Rides at Dollywood for Families

April 6, 2023

Dollywood is one of the most popular attractions in Pigeon Forge, and your family will love spending a day at this theme park! There’s so much to see and do, from trying all the delicious snacks to seeing some of the incredible shows. But since Dollywood is a theme park, the rides are the biggest draw! That’s why we want to share 8 of the best rides at Dollywood for families, including yours!

1. Dollywood Express

dollywood expressIf you want to see the entire park in a unique way, you should hop aboard the Dollywood Express! This steam engine train is a fun way to learn more about the theme park, and it’s a great activity that takes you all around the park. Plus, it’s the perfect afternoon activity when you need a little time to recharge and sit back and relax!

2. Dragonflier

Wildwood Grove is a fantastic section of Dollywood where the whole family will have a blast! There are whimsical trees, live fairies, and small water features where the kids can splash to their heart’s content. But one of the exciting rides that calls Wildwood Grove home is the Dragonflier. This is a thrilling roller coaster that mimics the flight of a dragonfly, and it’s a great one for people of all ages!

3. Rockin’ Roadway

rockin raceway at dollywoodOne of the best rides at Dollywood for families is Rockin’ Roadway. Located in Jukebox Junction, these vintage cars take 2 people on a joy ride around the little town. Kids of all ages will have fun “driving” the car themselves, and parents can tag along for the ride!

4. Smoky Mountain River Rampage

If you’re in town during the summer and don’t mind getting a little wet, the Smoky Mountain River Rampage is one of the best family rides at Dollywood! We promise you’ll have a blast seeing who gets splashed the most as you dip and float down the river!

5. Thunderhead

ThunderheadIf your kids love thrills, then you should take them on Thunderhead! This wooden roller coaster is an exciting ride and unlike anything else in the whole park. You may have a hard time getting the kids to stop riding it!

6. Lemon Twist

Another one of the best rides at Dollywood for families is Lemon Twist. Your kids will have a blast controlling how quickly you spin round and round in the yellow teacups! And if you don’t love spinning in circles, you can always take it easy!

7. The Village Carousel

horse on the dollywood village carouselWho doesn’t love a carousel? Everyone will have fun picking out their animal of choice to ride on the enchanting Village Carousel. You’ll love the themed music, and if you have young children who don’t want to ride a horse or other animal, you can always hop on the bench!

8. Great Tree Swing

If you have young kids with you that want a little thrill but aren’t quite ready for roller coasters, the Great Tree Swing might be the perfect ride for them! You’ll swing back and forth on the wooden tree ride, pinned to the back of your seat!

These are just some of the best rides at Dollywood for families! The theme park is full of exciting rides, delicious food, and incredible experiences you’ll come to love. Still not sure about visiting? Find out why Dollywood is a great place to visit on your Pigeon Forge vacation!