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5 Reasons Why You’ll Love our Cabins for Large Groups in Pigeon Forge For Spring Break

February 19, 2018

So maybe you’re planning a large family reunion, a church or business retreat this spring and want to all stay together. Well, our cabins for large groups in Pigeon Forge for spring break have everything you could need! With fantastic amenities like ours you’ll wish spring break lasted forever!

1. Awesome Theater Rooms

Going to a movie is a favorite pastime, and what if you didn’t even have to drive to be in a theater? In some of our large group cabins you can find awesome theater rooms! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the same amenities a regular movie theater will offer you like stadium seating, surround sound, and a large screen to watch your movie on. Moreover, you’ll have more privacy, you get to pick the movie, and you get to bring in snacks!

2. Full Kitchenskitchen in mountain top retreat

When you stay in a cabin with Large cabin rentals, you’ll have the wonderful advantage of a fully equipped kitchen. Dining on vacation can be expensive. Especially if you have to eat out for every meal, but a full kitchen can save you some serious money. Instead, you can prepare meals in the comfort of your cabin. This could also save you the headache of trying to get everyone in your party to decide on a place to eat, and how best to get there. For a full list of amenities in our large group cabins, check out this list!

3. Relaxing Hot Tubs

Vacation is a time to relax. When you stay in our cabins you will have the luxury of hot tubs and jacuzzi tubs available. Soak away all your troubles in the warm, bubbling water. The hot tubs are great after a day of hiking in the Smoky Mountains, or on a cool evening enjoying the mountain air. In some of our rentals you will even have access to indoor and outdoor pools! These are pools you don’t have to share with anyone but the people you came on vacation with. In any case, you and your family or friends get to play and splash around anytime you like!

summit vista game room4. Thrilling Game Rooms

What game are you best at billiards, air hockey, pac-man, darts? Challenge your family, friends, or even co-workers to see who is the game champion! Inside many of our large cabins you can find games like these and even more! You could spend a whole day without going out and instead hosting a games tournament! Some of our cabins properties even have mini golf courses on site! We have some of the only cabins for large groups in Pigeon Forge with their own mini golf courses available!

You can learn more here about our large cabins that have mini golf courses on site!

5. Plenty of Space

No one likes to feel like they are sleeping on top of one another without any space. One of the best things about our large group cabins is that you will have all of the space you need! Everyone will have a comfy place to sleep at night, and a place at the breakfast table in the morning. We have cabins rentals that can sleep up to 84 guests, so that large family reunion or business retreat away have the space you need!   

Ready for vacation yet? Book one of our cabins for large groups in Pigeon Forge for spring break this year, and call this your best spring break ever!