hot tub on deck of large cabin rental in smoky mountains

5 Ways Your Group Can Relax at Our Cabin Rentals in the Smoky Mountains

February 18, 2019

Relaxation is a vital part of your trip, and staying in one of our cabin rentals in the Smoky Mountains is the best way to realize this. While you may find this in ways that are different from others, we feel there’s no argument in what we’ll show you. These are the 5 best ways your group can relax at our Smoky Mountain cabins:

1. A Calming Swim

The beautiful indoor pool at Cooper's Cove cabin in Pigeon Forge.Some of our cabins have the added luxury of a swimming pool, and others offer access to a resort swimming pool. Your group will love getting a chance to swim while you’re here, and it’s just one of the ways your group can relax at our cabin rentals in the Smoky Mountains. Get some exercise or wade in to feel the calming effect it will have on you!

2. Mellow Out with a Movie

Whether it’s in one of the cabins with an open floor plan or one that’s supplied with its own mini movie theater room, movie time is a great method for mellowing out on your group trip or vacation. A flick that you can all agree upon to take your mind off of whatever is stressing you out is a great remedy. Get comfortable in your seat or on the couch, then turn down the lights and get ready for showtime!

3. Soothing Jacuzzis and Hot Tubs

If swimming or a movie doesn’t give you the right kind of relaxation you need, how about a soothing dip in the Jacuzzis and hot tubs in our cabin rentals in the Smoky Mountains! Jacuzzis and hot tubs are among the best relaxing amenities you’ll find at our cabins. Let yourself unwind in the warm water and spend some quality time with your group.

4. Recline on the Furniture

The beautiful living room of the Cades Cove Castle cabin in Pigeon Forge.When you need to get off your feet, your group will feel better knowing the kind of comfort that comes with the furniture in our large cabins. If your group has an activity that requires plenty of standing, or maybe you’re planning on spending the entire day in the ​Great Smoky Mountains National Park​, there’s no better place to kick back and relax than in our cabins. Whether it’s the soft couches, comfortable beds, or porch swings, the group has plenty of options scattered all around!

5. Admire the Views

While relaxing on our comfortable amenities, you can feast your eyes on one of the most sought after perks of your trip — the Smoky Mountains themselves. It’s easy to be entertained with all the happenings around the area, but pure simplicity is sitting on your porch or deck wandering off into the outdoor space that’s filled with Smoky Mountain beauty. Your group will be amazed and already thinking ahead to the next visit!

These are 5 wonderful ways to get settled and refocused during your group trip at our cabin rentals in the Smoky Mountains. If you’re in need of a relaxing vacation, book your ​Smoky Mountain cabin​ from us today!