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3 Perks of Staying in Our Cabins with Game Rooms in Gatlinburg

August 26, 2022

A cabin rental is not complete without some great amenities for everyone in your group to enjoy! Our large cabin rentals are equipped with amazing amenities like indoor pools, hot tubs, theater rooms, outdoor grills, fireplaces, gorgeous mountain views, and game rooms! Playing arcade games in your cabin game room is a fun addition to any Smoky Mountain vacation! Here are 3 perks of staying in our cabins with game rooms in Gatlinburg:

1. Nostalgia

multicadeAre you ready to feel nostalgic by playing classic arcade games on your vacation? You’ll have these feelings when you stay in one of our cabins with game rooms! Recall your positive childhood experiences when you play some of the arcade games on the multicade. Play classic games and have the most memorable vacation ever! If you have children with you on vacation, show them what you used to play back in the day! Share the many great memories you have from growing up and playing games just like the ones in your cabin rental. Tell them about going to the arcade with your friends. Feel happiness when you beat a level and advance closer to beating the final boss!

2. Save Money

By staying in one of our cabins with game rooms in Gatlinburg, you’ll be able to save so much money in the long run! Stay in your cabin in the Smoky Mountains and have hours of entertainment. Some of our cabins have multiple arcade games on top of pool tables, foosball tables, air hockey tables, and much more. There will no short of fun! Instead of driving down to Downtown Gatlinburg to play in the busy arcades there, save money by playing fun and thrilling games right in your cabin rental. There is no need to insert money into the pool table for each round you play or quarters into the arcade game. It’s time to just focus on having fun and not worry about money!

3. Group Activity

top notch lodge cabin game roomNothing beats a team cheering you on when you finally complete that hard level on the game you’ve been trying to beat for ages! Make hanging out in the cabin game room a group activity with your family and friends on vacation. Some of our cabins with game rooms have 2 joysticks on an arcade game so you can play against another person! If you want to try out another game, play a round of pool with your group. Sometimes it is just as much fun to watch people play games. Hear the laughter and make unforgettable memories while participating in these great group activities in the game room!

You just learned 3 perks of staying in our cabins with game rooms in Gatlinburg. One thing is for certain, our large cabin rentals in the Smoky Mountains are equipped with many amenities providing hours of entertainment at your fingertips. Since you are a fan of entertainment check out 5 perks of staying in our large cabins with theater rooms in Gatlinburg! We look forward to welcoming you to the Smoky Mountains!