goats on the roof coaster

4 of the Best Mountain Coasters in Pigeon Forge

December 29, 2021

Have you ever been on a mountain coaster before? If you haven’t, then you’ll definitely want to ride one for the first time when you visit Pigeon Forge! Even if you have ridden them before, you’ll have a blast flying around the curves and getting your adrenaline pumping! Check out these 4 of the best mountain coasters in Pigeon Forge:

1. Rocky Top Mountain Coaster

Rocky Top Mountain Coaster is a great thrill ride you’ll want to experience! This is the longest coaster in East Tennessee at 9 minutes! It has four uplifts, and it takes you through the beautiful mountain woods. You’ll fly along the twists and turns of the track, feeling your heart beat faster and faster as you come down the hill! The carts can reach top speeds of 30 miles per hour, but you don’t have to go as fast as the coaster will take you. Riders get to control their speed, so you can take it nice and easy if you want to! You can ride by yourself or with someone else, and you’ll also go through tunnels along the road. Experience Rocky Top Mountain Coaster at least once during the day and again at night!

2. Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster

smoky mountain alpine coasterAnother one of the best mountain coasters in Pigeon Forge is the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster! You’ll get to see beautiful mountain views along your ride, in addition to wooded views! The track is over 1 mile long, and it takes about 7 to 8 minutes to complete, depending on how fast you’re going! Using hand levers, you get to control how fast your cart flies around the curves of the track! The top speed for this coaster is 27 miles per hour, and this is the longest downhill ride in the country! While you can double up on riders, you can always ride by yourself! Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster is open during the day and at night, so you’ll want to come back to experience the track lit up with colorful lights!

3. Goats on the Roof Coaster

A fun mountain coaster you’ll want to check out while you’re in town is the Goats on the Roof coaster. Goats on the Roof is a general store and live animal attraction where you will see live goats on the roof. Right next door to the store is the mountain coaster. The track is almost a mile long, and the carts reach up to 30 miles per hour. Hand levers allow the riders to customize their ride, so they can make it as fast or as slow as they prefer! Ride through the hills of Tennessee along the track, and when you head back to the station, you’ll get a great view of the goats on the roof!

4. Power Coaster at Rowdy Bear

power coaster at rowdy bearOne of the newest and best mountain coasters in Pigeon Forge is the Power Coaster at Rowdy Bear’s Smoky Mountain Snowpark. This alpine coaster cart looks like a hot rod with wheels and numbers painted on the side. Instead of levers, there’s a handle on a bar in front of you that allows you to go as fast or as slow as you want! You can enjoy flying around every twist and turn, or you can have fun taking it easy! Up to two riders will fit in the cart at a time, but you can always ride by yourself. The Power Coaster runs in the day and at night, so you can try it out during both times of the day!

Now you know all about the best mountain coasters in Pigeon Forge you should try on your next trip! Trying to decide what else you’ll do when you’re in town? Look through our Freedom Fun Pass to see which attractions you’ll receive free tickets to when you stay in one of our Smoky Mountain cabin rentals!