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Top 4 Museums in Pigeon Forge You Have to Visit

November 12, 2022

If you are looking for an exciting and also educational activity for the whole family, museums are a great option. Pigeon Forge is filled with a variety of museums about all different types of topics, and they are located near our cabin rentals! Here are 4 of the best museums in Pigeon Forge:

1. Titanic Museum

Most people have heard the story about the famous sinking of the Titanic, or at least seen the movie. The Titanic Museum is a new way to experience the voyage that the ship took and learn all about what went wrong on that tragic day. The most unique feature of the museum is that they make you feel like you are reliving the actual sinking of the Titanic. When you board the ship, you will be given the boarding pass of a real Titanic passenger or crew member and are able to follow the story of your individual. As you learn of all the events that led up to the sinking, you can see where your person was each day of the voyage. At the end of the experience, there is a large wall where you will be able to see if they survived the trip or not. The Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge gives never before seen knowledge to the voyage of the famous ship in an interactive way that will be a thrill for the entire family!

2. Alcatraz East Crime Museum

If you enjoy watching documentaries about true crime, the Alcatraz East Crime Museum is the place for you! You will see decades of history including one the world’s most notorious American crime scene galleries. Here you will learn about some of the world’s most dangerous criminals, including those involved in events such as 9/11, the O.J Simpson chase, and even crimes that go all the way back to the Old West. After you get the background of the cases, you can take a step by step view of how the world’s most famous criminals were caught, including how to solve crimes using DNA and fingerprinting. The Alcatraz East Crime Museum is one of the most informative museums in Pigeon Forge that all crime fanatics need to see!

3. Hollywood Wax Museum

Hollywood Wax MuseumHave you ever wanted to meet some of Hollywood’s most famous stars? The Hollywood Wax Museum gives you that opportunity. While the stars you encounter are made of wax, you will feel like they are coming to life as you have the opportunity to get your picture made singing on stage with Hollywood’s most famous singers! Or maybe you would rather pose on the red carpet with some of the world’s most famous movie stars. Either way, you and your entire family will enjoy the experience of the Hollywood Wax Museum! After you are done at the museum, you can also check out the 5D Castle of Chaos adventure or make your way through Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors.

4. Beyond the Lens!

If you are a lover of all things pop culture, the Beyond the Lens museum is the place for you! During your time at the museum, you will explore the best moments in pop culture history. There are a ton of unique interactive games and amazing photo opportunities throughout the museum that will leave the whole family wanting to see more! The museum is also fantastic for children because of all the games that are available to keep them entertained, including the search for Bigfoot Adventure!

Now that you know of some of the best museums in Pigeon Forge, be sure to check out other attractions in the area! We hope to see you soon on your next visit to the Smoky Mountains!