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5 Reasons Why Large Cabins in Gatlinburg are the Best Lodging for Groups

February 8, 2022

Are you planning a family reunion, youth trip, or other large group vacation? You’re probably looking for the best place to stay with your large group, and the best place to stay is in a Gatlinburg cabin! From having plenty of room to saving money, there are several reasons why your group will love cabin lodging! Check out these 5 reasons why large cabins in Gatlinburg are the best lodging options for groups:

1. Don’t Have to Split Up

bearadise living roomA great reason to stay in a large Gatlinburg cabin is you don’t have to split up! If the point of planning a trip to the Smoky Mountains is to spend time together, why would you split everyone up into different cabins or hotel rooms when you could rent a huge cabin where everyone would fit? You’ll love being able to be together while you’re on your trip, and you won’t have to split up when it’s time to head back to your place of lodging!

2. Everyone Saves Money

Another reason why large cabins in Gatlinburg are the best option for groups is because everyone will be able to save money! If you rent a huge cabin and everyone stays under the same roof, you’ll be able to split the cost of the cabins across every family, person, or however you want to divide it up. This method works out better for everyone because it ends up being cheaper compared to staying in a hotel room or staying in smaller cabins.

3. Perfect Size Cabin for Every Group

mountain view pool lodge dining room kitchenIt doesn’t matter if you have just a handful of people in your group or you have almost 100 people. We have cabins that will accommodate groups of every size! You’ll be able to find the perfect place to stay based on amenities you’d like to enjoy while you’re away, your budget, and how many people plan on going on the trip! Don’t worry about finding a cabin that’s the right size, because we definitely have it.

4. Meal Time is Easier

If you decided to stay anywhere else other than large cabins in Gatlinburg, feeding your group could be a challenge. Staying in a hotel doesn’t provide you with a space to prepare meals, so you’d have to eat out for every meal. Not every restaurant in the area is able to accommodate really big groups, so you’d definitely have to split up. However, our kitchens in all of the cabins come fully equipped so you can easily prepare meals. This allows everyone in your group to be able to eat together at the same time, and it makes it easier to spend quality time together!

5. Plenty of Space

bearly believable dining and living roomsA concern you may have about going on a group trip is will there be enough space. In our large cabins in Gatlinburg, you’ll have plenty of space to spread out. You won’t feel cramped in any of our cabins, even if every bed is full! Everyone will feel comfortable and have privacy within the cabin if they need it!

These are just some of the reasons why large cabins are the best option for your group trip. Are you ready to start planning the next vacation? Look through our large cabins in Gatlinburg, and book one today!