Young boy splashing around in one of our Pigeon Forge cabins with private indoor pools.

6 Perks of Vacationing at Pigeon Forge Cabins with Private Indoor Pools

March 31, 2016

Going for a swim is a classic part of any family vacation! Here at Large Cabin Rentals, nearly all of our properties come with seasonal outdoor pool access, so you can soak up some sun and some fun during the warmer months. In addition, we offer a couple of Pigeon Forge cabins with private indoor pools. Here are six advantages of having an indoor pool during your getaway in the Smokies:

1. Year-Round Swimming

Outdoor pools are only open during the late spring and summer months. In contrast, our cabins with indoor pools let you go swimming year-round. Whether it’s Christmas Eve or the 4th of July, you can kick back and relax in the water.

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2. No Need to Check the Weather Forecast

When you are dependent on an outdoor swimming pool, your plans for the afternoon can easily be dashed with a thunderstorm or an unexpected shower. However, the weather doesn’t make a difference when you stay at one of our cabins with an indoor pool. Even if it’s snowing or hailing outside, you can still swim the day away!  

3. Skip the SunscreenThe beautiful indoor pool at Cooper's Cove cabin in Pigeon Forge.

Let’s be honest: no one likes putting sunscreen on. It takes forever to apply, it smells funny, and sometimes you end up getting sunburned anyway. When you stay at our Pigeon Forge cabins with private indoor pools, you can skip the sunscreen and start having fun faster.

4. Your Kids Will Never Be Bored

Children absolutely love to spend time at the pool. From Marco Polo to freeze tag, there are endless games your little ones can enjoy in the water. Having an indoor pool at your cabin means that your kids will always have entertainment. Banishing boredom from your vacation is good for children and great for parents!

5. You Won’t Be Stuck in Wet Clothing

One of the inconveniences of visiting an outdoor pool is having to travel back to your cabin in sopping wet clothing. Even when you put a towel down in the car, the backseat always manages to get wet. When you stay at a cabin with an indoor pool, you can change out of your wet clothes immediately. All of our properties come with washers and dryers, so you can have a fresh bathing suit in no time.

6. Swim on Your Own Schedule

Outdoor pools typically open and close at set times. Having your own indoor pool means that you can swim whenever you want. Wake up at the crack of dawn and start your day with a few laps, or start a splash fight with the kids at 11 p.m. No matter when you want to enjoy the pool, it will be waiting for you, just steps away from your bedroom.

Ready to book one of our Pigeon Forge cabins with private indoor pools? Check out these amazing properties:

The awesome indoor pool at the Bullwinkle cabin in Pigeon Forge.To learn more about these cabins, or any of our vacation rentals, don’t hesitate to give our friendly staff a call!