private indoor pool inside a cabin in the Smoky Mountains

5 Things Your Group Will Love About Our Smoky Mountain Cabins With Indoor Pools

December 13, 2022

When you’re planning a large group trip to the Smokies, you are probably looking for a cabin that will house everyone. Not only do you want a cabin that’s large enough to accommodate your group, you also want all the amenities so you can truly enjoy your trip! One of the best perks you will find is an indoor pool! Check out these 5 things your group will love about our Smoky Mountain cabins with indoor pools:

1. Swim Any Time

coopers cove indoor poolOne of the best parts of booking a cabin with an indoor pool is being able to swim any time! Most community or resort pools have certain hours you’re allowed to use the pool during the day. If you have a pool in your cabin, you don’t have to follow certain time guidelines! Everyone will love being able to swim whenever they want! Not only can you swim any time of the day, you can also swim any time of the year! It doesn’t matter if it’s in the heat of summer or the middle of winter, you can take a dip in your indoor pool any time you want!

2. Have Fun Without Leaving

Another thing your group will love about our Smoky Mountain cabins with indoor pools is being able to have fun without even leaving the cabin! You probably have made plans to do some things in Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg, but you don’t have to leave your cabin every time you want to do something fun! By booking a cabin with an indoor pool, you’ll be able to have a great time without leaving the comfort of your cabin. You’ll enjoy staying in and not having to try to get everyone ready to go out. It also comes in handy if the weather is keeping you indoors. Avoid driving through the Smokies in the rain and make use of the entertainment right inside your cabin.

3. Save Some Money

summit vista lodge poolMany people love having a pool in their cabin because it helps them save money! Visiting multiple attractions on vacation can add up quickly, especially in a large group. Since you’re already planning on booking a cabin as a place to stay, you won’t have to pay anything extra to use the indoor pool! Everyone will love being able to keep some money in their pocket by taking advantage of the indoor pool at the cabin! As a bonus, our guests get a free attraction tickets as a thank you for staying with us!

4. Keeps Kids Entertained

Keeping the kids entertained on vacation can sometimes be a difficult task, but not when you stay in one of our Smoky Mountain cabins with indoor pools! During your down time at the cabin, you won’t find the kids telling you they’re bored because they can spend all that extra time playing in the pool! From playing pool games to enjoying taking a swim, your kids will spend hours having fun splashing around! Plus, all the adults will stay entertained too!

5. Enjoy the Privacy

Campfire Lodge Indoor PoolA huge perk of booking a cabin with an indoor pool is the privacy. Since the pool isn’t open to any other guests, you’ll feel more comfortable letting your friends and family enjoy their private pool time! You won’t have to share the pool area with anyone else, and everyone can relax a little more knowing the only people they have to worry about are the ones they’re on vacation with!

Browse Our Smoky Mountain Cabins With Indoor Pools

Your large group will definitely enjoy staying in one of our cabins with an indoor pool! Once you spend a vacation being able to splash around any time you want, you won’t want to stay anywhere else! Are you ready to start planning your next trip to the Smokies? Look through our Smoky Mountain cabins with indoor pools now!