Group of friends exploring in the forest near our Great Smoky Mountain cabin rentals.

6 Tips for Planning a Vacation With Your Friends at Our Great Smoky Mountain Cabin Rentals

August 7, 2015

Friendships are among the most treasured relationships you can have. It’s important to deepen these bonds by spending quality time together, and that’s what makes vacationing with your friends so valuable. When you choose our Great Smoky Mountain cabin rentals you can spend a few days having fun with friends and strengthening the ties that bind you. Hearthside Cabin Rentals has put together six great tips for ensuring that your trip with friends is a hit:

1. Choose Companions with Care

It’s one thing to enjoy happy hour with friends. It’s quite another to spend a week traveling with them! Think carefully about which friends you want to include to maximize everyone’s enjoyment. Believe it or not, some people don’t like to travel. Try to invite people who get excited about seeing different places instead of those who would rather stay close to home.

2. Involve Everyone in the Planning Processncredible view from the deck of our Great Smoky Mountain cabin rentals.

It’s easier and much more fun to have everyone involved in planning your vacation.This takes some of the responsibility off of your shoulders and makes your friends more invested in your trip. Involving your companions in the planning process also ensures that everyone has a voice regarding what activities and area attractions they want to try. It’s almost a given that your friends will want to do things and go places that might not appeal to you and vice versa. Look at it as an opportunity to gain a window into their point of view. Who knows? That attraction that doesn’t sound like fun to you might end up being a favorite.

3. Pick the Right Accommodations

Our Great Smoky Mountain cabin rentals are the ideal lodging solution for your adventure. These spacious cabins boast plenty of square footage for all of your friends to stay in comfort. Generous common living areas offer a great deal of seating and room to gather without feeling crowded. Moreover, our large cabins have between 4 and 16 bedrooms, so you won’t have to share a room with your friend who has the snoring problem! These group cabins also offer you the chance to enjoy a few quiet moments by yourself, which just might be the key to really getting the most out of your vacation.

Group of friends having dinner near our Great Smoky Mountain cabin rentals.4. Don’t Insist on Remaining a Cohesive Group

Traveling together means that everyone will have to make compromises. It’s not realistic to expect everyone to participate in every activity. Your friend who is afraid of heights definitely isn’t going to get excited about the zipline course, and that’s okay. Make certain everyone knows that they are free to join in on anything they please, but that they can also opt out. This puts a lot less stress on everyone and makes it easier for everyone to enjoy their vacation.

5. Share Responsibilities

This goes with involving your companions in the planning process. That involvement doesn’t have to end when you arrive at your destination. Ask friends to volunteer to take on roles like arranging dinner reservations or preparing a meal or two. Maybe someone will be responsible for transportation while someone else is in charge of gathering essential information about local attractions. This saves you from feeling like you’re a tour guide who’s never off duty.

6. Communicate OpenlyHappy group of friends outside of our Great Smoky Mountain cabin rentals.

If someone is determined to enjoy a fancy night out, make certain that everyone is aware before leaving home so they have the opportunity to pack the right outfit. The more everyone knows about the itinerary, the easier it is for them to be prepared or to make an informed decision about opting out of a certain activity. Be sure to keep the communication going even after you arrive.

To start planning your group vacation at our Great Smoky Mountain cabin rentals, check out our complete selection of large cabins in the Smokies!